Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day Thirteen

The last and final day! The trip was good, I'll be happy to have variation in my shoes again. Now on to real life!

Vintage dress
Vintage Coach bag
Justin lace-up rompers

Day Twelve

I was pretty lazy today outfit-wise. Basically ninja pajamas with a scarf? But even so, it was a day of the trip!

CHERRIES! One of my absolute favorite fruits

Warm concrete is one of my favorite feelings. It being on the top of a weird museum with an incredible view in Eger, Hungary ain't too shabby neither.

The usual

This is my "God-face." In an epic church listening to an organ concert. I am the ruler of my domain!

Climbed up a CRAZY scary minaret for this view! The whole thing felt like it was five feet in diameter. It was awesome.

Scarf from Budapest
Mom's vintage leotard
H&M black leggings
T-strap mary-janes from Topshoe