Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day Eleven

Today was 90s day

I LOVE THE 90S! I love grunge.
Vintage sunglasses
Vintage denim coat ($1!)
H&M striped dress
Justin lace-up rompers
Vintage Coach bag

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day Ten

I felt like a little school boy in this outfit

Boating hat from Thank You Mart
H&M men's striped top
Scarf from Budapest
Vintage DIY cutoff shorts
Justin romper lace-up boots

Friday, June 26, 2009

Day Nine

Waiting, at the train station.

Another new scarf! Lookin' slouchy

I love trainstations so much it's unfair.
Very comfortable top and pants for a long day of traveling. And a good scarf.

Boating hat from Thank You Mart
Vintage black silk tank top
Vintage belt
Vintage Pants
Justin lace-up rompers

Day Eight

Mom, today I visited a castle!

I ADORE this dress. I got it and altered it because it was really oddly sized and now I love it. Makes me feel little!

Old Navy Black long sleeve top (Hah)
Vintage Dress from Jet Rag
T-strap Mary Janes

Monday, June 22, 2009

Day Seven

Feeling nautical.

New delicious scarf! Another traveling day so comfy pants and hat required.

Summery as hell! I'm loving these pants.

Boating hat from Thank You Mart
Scarf from Budapest
H&M shirt
Vintage necklace
Vintage belt
Mom's pants
Delias gold flats

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 6

This day was excellent! The sun was shining, all was beautiful. I adore this dress, it's SO comfortable.

Eyeing the tourism shops, as is expected. We bought 12 scarves for $7.50 each. I love cheaper currencies!

I am having a love affair with nudes. This isn't as monochromatic nude as I would like, but it's close.

Adorable bakery

Obligatory family picture, shnnaaa.
Closeups of my jewelry, I wore these things pretty much the whole trip:

Vintage cuff

Vintage snake ring-I lost this on the trip! :(

My trusty vintage Coach bag. It was really good for traveling. Good size and good strap length.

It started raining later so I changed sweaters.

In front of the John Lennon Imagine wall in Prague.

Waiting for a concert in a basillica

Boating hat from Thank You Mart
Sunglasses from Thank You Mart
Vintage white Cashmere sweater
Dad's old Banana Republic grey sweater
H&M coin necklace
Mom's old dress
T-strap Mary Janes

Walking Trees

I'm craving forests lately. And roses.

I love branches and leaves more than most things. I also love drawings of them.

Julianne Moore looking stunning for Vogue. This shoot made
me think of her in a totally different way.

This Parisian sweetheart, Alix has adorable style and what seems like an adorable personality. Her blog is filled with wonderfully composed pictures, bright colors, and cute commentary. She is a very good example of all the wonderful finds at H&M.

Go frolick! Now! Go!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Day Five

A rather heavy day. It was raining and we went to go see Terezin, a concentration camp near Prague.
Trying to find our way around.

We ate dinner in this weird restaurant with purple chairs.

Auf Wiedersehen!

Vintage blue gingham dress from Jet Rag

Day Four

Very excited about the astronomical clock in the square in prague. Cold!

We went to the Communism museum. The friendly face of communism.

And the unfriendly face. Cute mom scrutinizing map in background

Wonderful art deco building

That's all!

Milan glass necklace
H&M Dress
Girl Scout Socks
Justin Lace-Up Rompers