Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day Twelve

I was pretty lazy today outfit-wise. Basically ninja pajamas with a scarf? But even so, it was a day of the trip!

CHERRIES! One of my absolute favorite fruits

Warm concrete is one of my favorite feelings. It being on the top of a weird museum with an incredible view in Eger, Hungary ain't too shabby neither.

The usual

This is my "God-face." In an epic church listening to an organ concert. I am the ruler of my domain!

Climbed up a CRAZY scary minaret for this view! The whole thing felt like it was five feet in diameter. It was awesome.

Scarf from Budapest
Mom's vintage leotard
H&M black leggings
T-strap mary-janes from Topshoe


  1. You're amazing with the scarf on your head! :)

  2. Gorgeous blog, LOVE your style!