Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Beginning

I just got home from a trip to Eastern/Central Europe. Gah. I wanted to go to Russia, but aparently it's tough without a tour guide, so instead we went to Hungary, Austria, and the Czech Republic. It was amazing. I love the cultural differences and the amazing buildings and history America lacks so prominantly. Didn't see as many dazzling outfits as I hoped, but the feeling and general class of Europeans compensated a big.

So, that's how I'll start my blog. I logged what I wore each day of the trip, and I'll post those outfits.

Forgive the repetition and lack of jewelry, embellishments, etc. We travelled by train so had to pack light.
-I brought one hat, which was really useful. Good for pulling together outfits and making me feel organized. I wore it on all travelling days, to avoid crushing.
-SCARVES. I bought a bunch over there, but I love scarves for traveling. They make you feel pulled together, add warmth, color, or an accessory when needed.
-Bring one or two really good all purpose shoes. I brought my favorite boots and a pair of little t-strap Mary Janes. Both very comfortable and very versitile.
-Bring fabrics that you can wash and hang up to dry without taking too long.
-Light fabrics, I had to leave some of my favorite floor length dresses at home.
-Basic black and white tops and tights are excellent.

That's about it! Stay tuned for all the outfits.

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